Results in Haiku

Contributors: Everyone in AP Physics 2013 class


Wave Response:

Infrared roasts them;
Other than that, Oreos
Have weak wave response

The Turing Test:

Oreo cookie
Versus intelligent life...
Oreos are dumb

The Cost:

Oreos have cost
Two ninety nine per carton
Ten packs too many

Gravitational Response Test:

Oreos fall slow
They can't withstand impact well

Under Pressure:

Textbooks are heavy
Oreos can hold them up
Then the tower falls


Use aluminium
Make an Oreo catcher
Oak is not sticky

Rolling Distance:

Oreos roll well
Get buried six feet under
Oreo Tombstone

Double Stuffed:

Advertising Lies
Double stuffed the cookie's not
That makes me so sad

Specific Heat:

The specific heat
Of an Oreo is eight
Thousand two oh one

Electrical Resistance:

An organic fat
Oreos aren't conductive

Oreo Density:

An Oreo is
Just less dense than some water
Or more but who cares

Nutrition Info:

Oreos taste good
You could live off Oreos
But you'd end up fat

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