Are you Smarter than an Oreo?

Contributors: William Grimble



  • To determine whether or not an Oreo has measurable intelligence


  • Oreo Cookie
  • Human control


  1. Set Oreo and human in comfortable environment, turn away so tester can't see them.
  2. Have them designate which is Subject A and which is Subject B.
  3. Administer a series of questions verbally and randomly to each of them, some to A, some to B. Record responses.
  4. Randomly distribute words for free association between the two. Record responses.
  5. Attempt to differentiate between A and B solely from data.


  • Data here


  • Based upon the initial results it was found that Subject A was the Oreo and Subject B was the human control subject.
  • Since the two were clearly differentiated, Oreos do not have any measurable form of intelligence.


  • Now that it has been scientifically proven that Oreos have no measure of intelligence, they can be used for any experiment without scientists feeling guilt about possibly hurting intelligent life. Besides this, the Oreo can now be used as a standard of non-intelligence, and the Turing Test may be administered to other creatures or objects to study their intelligence, showing their intelligence if they can be differentiated from the non-intelligent Oreo.


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