Studying Oreos Under Pressure

Contributors: Alan Quintana, Kirsten Liddle,& Sami Covis



  • To determine how much physical pressure an Oreo can withstand.


  • Four Oreos
  • Text books
  • Scale
  • Meter stick


  1. Place four Oreos in a rectangular formation about the size of an everyday AP Physics text book.
  2. Stack text books on the Oreos until they crack
  3. Measure the height of the stack
  4. Weigh each text book used
  5. Find area of one Oreo
  6. Using P=F/A to determine the pressure that the text books exerted on each Oreo
  7. Repeat using four stacks of two Oreos on each corner
  8. Measure height of Oreo before and after experiment


  • Data table 1 shows data recorded for a single layer stack of Oreos
    Area (m2) Force (N) # Books Stack Height (m)
    .0016 811 39 1.49
  • Data table 2 shows data recorded for a double layer tack of Oreos
    Area (m2) Force (N) # Books Stack Height (m)
    .0016 924 44 1.72


  • Using the equation P=F/A the pressure on each Oreo can be calculated.
  • The single layer of four Oreos can withstand 506,875 Pa of pressure.
  • The Oreos broke and the tower of books fell over. The Oreos compressed 3mm.


  • Oreos can be used as building materials.
  • School cheese can be used to cement the oreos together for an unbreakable foundation.


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