Caloric Value and Nutritional Information

Contributors: Sami Covis, Kirsten Liddle, Alan Quintana, & Benjamin DeJonge



  • To research nutritional information pertaining to an Oreo Cookie


  • Internet for research
  • Oreo packaging for information


  1. Calculate the amount of nutritional information obtained from a serving of Oreos and relate it to a 2000 Calorie diet.
  2. Look up equivalent daily percentages from leading fast-food restaurant websites.


  • 3 Oreo cookies contain 160 Calories
  • Daily caloric intake of 2000 Calories can be met by consuming 37.5 Oreo cookies


  • If you only consumed 37.5 Oreos for food each day you would meet:
    • 137% daily fat intake (roughly 3 Burger King's double stackers)
    • 75% sodium intake (equal to 20 McDonald's chicken nuggets)
    • 25% potassium intake (just over 1 Wendy's medium French fry)
    • 100% carbohydrate intake (roughly 5 Wendy's Asiago Ranch Club w/ Spicy Chicken)
    • 25% protein intake (equal to 1 McDonald's BigMac sandwich)
    • 50% fiber allowance (roughly 2 Buger King's Whopper Sandwiches)


  • One could survive short-term on eating Oreo cookies alone. They have a long shelf-life in so much that they don't rot; they might however become stale.
  • We do not recommend relying solely on Oreos as your main source of nutrition as the research indicates that one would be severely lacking in key nutrients.


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