Determining Specific Heat of an Oreo

Contributors: Dyer Benjovsky



  • To measure the specific heat of an Oreo Cookie.


  • 2 Calorimeters
  • 2 Temperature probes
  • Overflow beaker
  • 1 Oreo cookie
  • distilled water.
  • 1 PASCO interface.
  • 1 scale.


  1. Find the mass of the Oreo.
  2. Find the mass of the empty calorimeters.
  3. Put water in the calorimeters and remass.
  4. Record the starting temperature of the Oreo and the starting temperature of the water.
  5. Put the temperature probes in each of the calorimeters and put the Oreo in the experimental one.
  6. Wait till the temperature stabilizes.
  7. Record final temperature of the calorimeters
  8. Calculate the specific heat as shown below.


  • Data table 1 shows time and temperature for three trials as recorded by the electronic temperature probe connected to the PASCO interface.
    Trial # Oreo initial temp (°C) Water initial temp (°C) Oreo mass (g) Final temp (°C) Water mass (g)
    1 24 18.4 11.27 19.15 203.14
    2 24 19.1 11.45 19.7 233.44
    3 -15 27.1 11.3 26.5 198.8


  • The average specific heat for these trials was found to be 8201.56 J/kg°C.
  • The temperature of the water in the calorimeters increased until it reached 26.5 degrees C. The Oreo sank in the water.
  • The Oreo in the water was at the bottom of the cup, and it fell apart. The temperature of the Oreo and water became the same, and remained the same.


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