Force to Separate and Oreo Cookie

Contributors: Sam Basinait



  • To study the force involved in separating the two halves of an Oreo cookie.


  • One Oreo separator(paper clip and some string)
  • Five oreos
  • One science workshop with force detector


  1. Attach the Oreo separator to the Oreo
  2. Using the force sensor and your hand pull the Oreo apart. Record findings.
  3. Repeat for all Oreo samples.


  • See the pictures of graphs which represent the force data collected for five trials.


  • It appeared that the force required stayed about the same.
  • Many Oreo remains that require disposing of.
  • The force needed to separate an Oreo starts at 0 Newtons (approximately) and then steadily increases to a maximum force, where after it falls sharply to zero.
  • The maximum force needed to separate an Oreo peaked around an average of 2.98 Newtons.


  • This data could be used to help construct an Oreo suppurating machine.
  • 201 Oreo cookies could provide enough "sticking force" to support an average high school physics students having a mass of roughly 60kg if correctly suspended.


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