Double Stuffed Oreo Test

Contributors: Allen Sanford



  • To determine whether a Double Stuf Oreo is actually double stuffed.


  • 10 Regular Oreo Cookies
  • 10 Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies
  • Scissors/Blade
  • Plates
  • Electronic Balance


  1. Use the scissors to scrape the cream off of the Oreo's in one fluid motion. Be sure to keep single and double stuffed on separate plates.
  2. Mass each of the regular Oreos and set them in a pile. These Oreos will serve as the experimental control.
  3. Double the measured masses (from step 1) and record these values in a column labeled "Expected".
  4. Measure the mass of each double stuffed Oreo and record these values in a column labeled "Observed".
  5. Find the average and sample standard deviation of each column: Expected and Observed.
  6. Select an Alpha level to test (This experiment used an alpha level of .05).
  7. Run a statistical interference test.


  • A Two-Sample T Test will be used to determine Statistical Significance
  • Null Hypothesis:
    • means are equal (Oreos are properly Double Stuffed)
  • Alternative Hypothesis:
    • mean of expected > mean of observed (Oreos are not Double Stuffed)
  • Alpha Level = 5% = .05


  • T Score = 2.15697
  • P Value = .02923 ~ 3%
  • df = 9.28149
  • pValue < alphaLevel
  • There is enough evidence at Alpha Level .05 to conclude that the mean of the expected column is greater than the mean of the observed column: the null hypothesis is rejected. Therefore, we can safely conclude that Double Oreos are not actually Double Stuffed.


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